About Us

Hello !! Welcome to LotusLane. My name is Radhika, and my sister Anita and I are the Co-founders of this little nook on the World Wide Web. We love designing clothes that are chic, elegant, sexy and glamorous. We believe that women should dress for themselves, accepting of who they are, with all their quirks and making the best with them. We also design clothes that are simple with no compromise on the quality and its comfort.

We chose the lotus as our logo because its beauty shines through despite being surrounded by muddy water. We would like the Lotus to represent each one of us women in our journey thorough life, overcoming obstacles and hurdles but in the end blooming to our full potential.

What we do?

We do Customised fitting. We will custom fit any product on our site to fit you perfectly. We believe that clothing should be made-to-fit, no matter the size, one that makes you feel stylish and confident. Do reach out to us and send us your measurements but filling out this form, and we will get started on getting you a perfect fit.